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Archived Newsletters


Love & grief, plus a critique of progress

Blocks to love – new podcast episode

Love and grief are sisters

Who Am I Becoming?

Acts of Leadership & Anger as Love

Space & broadening my mind

Coaching, the value of the mundane… & trees

Poetry as medicine and the power of place

Love for Tough Times, ‘hospicing’ & slow reading

‘Tempered radicalism’ and coaching supervision

Learning to clown, sheep & ready for rest

The power of appreciation & why women leave

Saying ‘I love you’, rewilding and blocks to love

‘Pronoia’,  and what gets excluded?

What really matters in leadership and OD

Powerful questions, systems and quiet walks…

Big and small grief and ‘how you do one thing’

On silence, anger, the polycrisis and the role…

Importance of belonging & resources for men

Change, love, diminishment… and a cloud

Listening = love & a lot can happen in 3 days.

Acts of Love for Tough Times + more.

Complex change and coming back to life.

The power of stories and of getting comfortable.

Soulful leadership dev + the yin-yang of work.

Joy, institutions without love, regen & gender.

Staying sane, OD as healing profession.

‘Detach with love’, deep listening & poem.

Shadow work, Org Dev and blocks to love

Constellations, a Love Lab and good poetry.

Beginnings and endings, and finding space.

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Archived Newsletters - 2021

Love, power, rest and reading.

Working out what’s not mine to fix.

The importance of knowing you matter.

Why art matters.

When difficulty brings learning.

Writing, reading, deepening and focusing.

Eldership, and some questions about OD.

On finding our no, and ‘love as potential’.

Exploring hope and safety as we unlock.

On allyship, nature, love & leadership.

Self-care as the foundation of leadership.

Leadership, community, sacrifice attention.

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Archived Newsletters - 2020

Joy as the ‘gateway emotion’ to love.

Love as care.

Love books and blogs.

Love as expansion.

Eldership, leadership and love.

On self love, our inner critic and eldership.

Where did we learn about Love?

Designing for Love

Love as ‘holding space’

Love as Intentional Practice

Love + Climate Crisis

We can’t be loving AND hurried

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Archived Newsletters - 2019

Exploring Love & Organisation Development

Leadership & Love Research

December 2019

November 2019



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