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Acts of Love for Tough Times


The world is a tough place right now. What difference might more love make? What forms of love are we talking about? Where might we begin?

A free online session:

Tuesday 19 December, 1400-1600 UK time.  You can book HERE.

Wednesday 20 Dec 0800-1000 UK rime.  You can book that HERE.

No need for me to say how difficult many people are finding things right now – and how difficult things really are. From the cost of living crisis to the destructive changes in the climate; from toxic work cultures, violence against girls and women through to a sense of feeling totally lost …

This workshop is to gather together people who know that in difficult – in some ways shockingly difficult times, with more to come – we need to step up. We need to draw on our deepest humanity. We need more acts of kindness and compassion, we need activism and change. We need love. We need acts of love for ourselves and for others. In all aspects of our lives as well as in our organisations.

This workshop (a conversation, really, between people who care and want to act) will explore:

  • what’s happening in the world – and in our own worlds – that feels tough to handle
  • in what ways might love – and acts of love – be a valuable contribution to these times?
  • what difference do we want to make (or try to make) and how could love play a part in that?
  • what forms, acts and expressions of love are we talking about here? Previous sessions have explored hope, forgiveness, anger and activism and joy as forms of love needed in these times.
  • where are the edges of your love – what will you and won’t you do for love?
  • and what might be some ‘acts of love’ that we might individually and collectively begin.

I’ll share my own research and thinking along the way and you’ll leave with a greater sense of what might be possible.

These workshops are always life-affirming and inspiring because of the wonderful people who come along. So come along – I’m sure this gathering will be just as rich.

You might already know about my research, writing, workshops etc exploring love in leadership. If not, more detail on my website starting with this page, maybe, and also on my podcast page.


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Helena x

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