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New ways of working with complex change

10 Sep 2022, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

In organisations today we spend a lot of time dealing with complex problems,  trying to solve complex problems. Many of us are trying to change something and find ourselves stuck at some point and don’t know what to do next. Things feel blocked or difficult. It’s hard to make progress. Or things move much slower than we hoped for.

Perhaps something feels impossible, a stalemate – and we don’t know where to even begin.

Or even before starting something we know we need some deeper insight into what the real issue is, or what might be unseen just beneath the surface.

If some of this feels true for you, this workshop will offer you new ways of seeing and working with complex problems and change.

The workshop, based on the principles of Systems Mapping, will help you:

  • develop new insights into what’s going on
  • give you a better understanding of the competing forces that may be at play
  • reveal what might be getting in the way of movement or progress
  • understand what the system has to ‘say’
  • see more clearly through the complexity
  • see previously unseen dynamics, possibilities and new ways forward.

This one day event is limited to 12 participants.

Your facilitators are Helena Clayton and Matt Fairbrass, both deeply experienced in organisational change and transformation as well as Systems Mapping.

During the day, you’ll:

  • learn how an approach that draws on spatial mapping, intuition and embodied knowing brings a new and useful dimension to the more traditional ways of approaching change and complex problems
  • develop your capacity to ‘switch on’ intuition and embodied knowing in yourself and others
  • experience elements of Systems Mapping for yourself so that you understand it from the inside
  • have the opportunity to ‘workshop’ an issue using Systems Mapping with one of our facilitators
  • leave with some simple tools that you can apply immediately in your organisation or with clients.

We think you’ll find this workshop a timely opportunity to step back and look at something that’s knotty, using contemporary thinking and underused ‘ways of knowing’. The approach we take can only complement what you already know and do and you’ll leave with a greater sense of expansion and possibility.

Modern ways to work with change

The workshop is practical and you’ll leave with new insight. It will also act as an introduction to some of the more contemporary ways of working with change including systemic constellations, emergent change, polarities and paradox, ‘parts’ work, dialogic approaches and embodied knowing.

Who is this for:

If you’re working in a dedicated OD, HR or Change role, or if you’re an operational manager or leader this is a perfect workshop for you. All are welcome and no previous experience of Systems Mapping is necessary.

Matt & Helena

We’ve both been working in the field of Change, OD and Leadership Development for many years with organisations like EY and Jaguar LandRover, Accenture and Interserve, as well as the British Council, various departments in the UK Civil Service, and Housing Associations. We’ve been in both in-house roles and as external consultants.

Our work – and this workshop –  draws on the work of many great teachers and many disciplines.  Matt and I have learned so much from the work of Bert HellingerJudith Hemming and Ed Rowland from the field of Systemic Constellations, for example.   Our training in Shadow Work and voice dialogue practice has also made a powerful contribution.  Ideas from Deep Ecology from Schumacher College also inform our practice, as does Keegan and Lahey’s Immunity to Change.   And of course, somatic and embodied practices as well as John Heron’s ‘ways of knowing’.

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