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My coaching programmes are structured around the needs of each client
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Coaching: transformational conversations.



Throughout my career I’ve held several leadership positions in large and complex organisations, so I understand what it feels like to lead amid the significant challenges of today’s organisational life.

Sometimes, all a leader needs is a bit of space to think.  Sometimes with focused challenge to help them get over a block; other times, with compassionate support to access a way of being that enables them to really soar. 

And coaching really works. Maybe it’s to enable a specific behavioural change focused on a particular goal.  Or maybe it’s more developmental, transformational even. Whatever the focus, I  have seen coaching deliver meaningful and lasting change time and time again.

My coaching style is straight talking and supportive, clear and compassionate. I take an integrated approach, drawing on a range of disciplines from psychodynamic and humanistic philosophies to gestalt and mindfulness. By helping clients develop greater self-awareness, I enable them to catch their blind spots, explore different perspectives and experiment with new ways of working that will have an immediate impact on their personal effectiveness.

The coaching process begins with a session to create a picture of where the individual is at right now and what’s going on in their working and wider life. Then can we start to get clear on goals. This might involve further diagnostic work and might also involve the line manager. Then, together with the individual, I develop a tailored programme that is realistic but will also really stretch them.

Most of my work is now over Zoom and over the phone, of course.  And I find that the work is just as – if not sometimes more –  powerful than face-to-face.

My coaching programmes are structured around the needs of each client.  And so if you’d like to chat through how we might be able to work together, please do get in touch.


‘Unlike any other coach I’ve worked with, and there have been a few, Helena has an amazing, innate ability
to make me feel comfortable to the point that I’m completely honest, open and receptive. Our sessions
were incredibly productive she really was instrumental in me achieving each of my specific career goals.’

Miranda Cain, Director of Resources, Blue Sky Performance Improvement


Examples of recent coaching projects include:

Working with the COO of a major Housing Association on his personal impact and effectiveness. He has just been appointed into his first CEO role as a result.
Supporting the General Counsel of a high street brand develop greater impact at Board level, grow his strategic thinking ability and increase his feelings of confidence.
Helping a senior leader in a major outsourcing organisation secure the Exec Director role she aspired to, through networking and strategic reputation building.
Supporting an OD and change specialist in reconsidering his career and the choices available to him at an important crossroads in his life.
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