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Helena Clayton is a leadership and coaching expert with over 20 years experience of making real lasting change. Her clients include Jaguar Land Rover, Capita, the Civil Service and Sovereign Housing.
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As a leader, you have enormous influence – so much more than you probably realise –  and how you show up makes all the difference to how people feel as well as how they perform. That’s why I work with leaders of all levels, styles and specialisms to help them grow and become more of the leaders they need to be – for themselves, their people and their organisation.

• Would you welcome a coach or ‘critical friend’ to support you as a leader?  Maybe with a leadership transition? Or maybe you’d like to progress to the next level but don’t know how? Or are wanting to find new ways of working? Recognise that you need to show up differently?

• Would you like your team to work more effectively together, be better than it currently is? Would you like the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts? For there to be more honest communication, or greater collaboration?

• Or maybe you want to shift the culture of your leadership population and develop a particular strength in that group to move the organisation on? Or create a different culture in your organisation?

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Whether it’s coaching, team or leadership development, I can help you wake up to what matters most – within yourself, your team, the wider business and in society – and support you in making the change that’s needed.

My clients are as diverse as EY, Wickes, Jaguar Land Rover, the Civil Service and Diabetes UK. My work balances a solid psychological underpinning to address personal change with high-level systems thinking to ensure that my clients flourish within the bigger picture of their teams, organisations and lives. And a strong focus on behavioural practices to create and embed change.

I also run a love-based leadership programme,  Leading from Love, which brings together my many years of designing and running powerful leadership programmes with my more recent and exploratory work on love in leadership.  It’s bold, but explores some essential leadership questions for our times.  You can learn more and book your place here.

Otherwise, if you’d like some support on your own journey, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. Or sign up for my monthly  Newsletter and keep in touch that way.

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In our current and future workplaces, what part does love play in leadership?  

If love was at the heart of our leadership, what might be possible in our organisations? Should love be a core leadership competence? And what might ‘leading from love’ mean in practice?

This short research report summarises the key findings from a piece of research which represents the first phase of a longer inquiry over the next two years. Alongside the data, I explore several key themes as a form of thinking out loud about the relationship between leadership and love in the context of developing a fully human workplace.

You can read more on this new project here.

Leading from Love

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