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Are you in touch with what matters most to you?
Are you in touch with what matters most to you?

A new programme for individuals or small groups

Are you in touch with what matters most to you?

Currently, I’m hearing from many people who feel they’re:

  • living their lives according to other people’s ‘shoulds’
  • putting aside what matters to them in order to do what matters for other peopleand perhaps making themselves unwell in the process.
  • feeling ‘unmoored’in the chaos that seems to be playing out in the world at the moment
  • in thrall to the ‘attention economy’ and have lost touch with what THEY want to put their attention on.
  • seem to have lost an ability to connect deeply with their natural selves and with the natural world
  • feel pulled in so many directions that they’ve lost a sense of solid ground
  • don’t feel in control of their lives

And they’ve lost touch with what matters most to them.

Many people say the pandemic has caused them to consider deeply what they want – and don’t want – in our lives.

For many people in work today, it feels that:

  • There’s no time left for them after they have given what they feel they need to give to work and to family
  • In the huge volume of day-to-day life admin, they have drifted away from what’s really important to them in life
  • At a time of crisis and catastrophe in the world they know they want to do work that’s important and meaningful and want to put what really matters to them at the heart of that work
  • Their body is ‘just a stick that carries their head around from meeting to meeting’ and they know that’s not right
  • They are so fed up with what politicians and leaders are doing to the world and its people and want to make a more direct contribution and help to make a difference.
  • They can’t remember that last time they felt truly alive, connected, joyful and at peace.

What these issues seem to have in common is we may have lost touch with what matters most to us. In part this may be inevitable in our busy lives. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to bring what matters closer to the centre of our lives.

When we know what matters most to us, we can:

  • Make confident decisions
  • Take action
  • Be at peace with our choices
  • Have a direction for ourselves
  • Be a leadership role model for others

What matters most to you?

This coaching programme will help you get clear on what’s important to you. It will bring clarity to your priorities, what you think and feel is important. It will provide a solid foundation for thinking about ‘what next’ in your life or in your leadership. It will act as a set of guiderails for key decision now and in the future.

In part it will uncover what might have lain forgotten or neglected for some time. It will firm up what you have already started to realise. And it will create new insights and connections into what is becoming increasingly important to you.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • How your past has shaped you to become the person you are today, and how that red threadgives you a solid foundation to stand on.
  • The values, beliefs and assumptionsyou want to use, rely on and trust when making decisions
  • The things that bring you joy, make you feel alive and bring a light into your eyes
  • What ‘greater thing(s)’ you are in service to and how your purpose might be expressed in practice
  • What you are protecting yourself from that become unconscious competing commitments that get in the way of you doing what matters to you
  • What legacy you want to start building so that you know you are leaving things better than you found them.

You’ll leave with a clear sense of what matters most to you and how they can act as a guide for your daily life and work.

The coaching/small group programme

Over the course of 6 x 90 min sessions, you will get clear on these things through:

  • Lightly structured highly bespoke 1:1 coaching conversations, each with a particular theme
  • Pre work for each session, giving you space and time to reflect in a way that suits you
  • A powerful combination of gentle challenge and compassionate support to bring new insight and deepen your connection with what you already know but might have forgotten.

The final session will bring these themes together and explore ‘so what’ and ‘now what’ as you consider how this work applies to your roles as parent, leader, friend, partner, human being, son or daughter, citizen of the world.



This unique 1:1 programme costs £3,500 + VAT

Small group

I can also run the programme at the same cost for a group of 3 people – the deal being that you will need to source the other 2 people to join you.


This is also an ideal experience for a team to go through together – perhaps an Exec team, or leadership team. Please get in touch for how we might make that work for you in practice – logistics, and costs.

Please do drop me a line to set up a no-cost-no-strings call on 07771 358881 or email on helena@helenaclayton.co.uk to explore if this coaching programme is right for you.

Helena x


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