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I help leaders and organisations change and grow by providing bespoke programmes based on your needs and wants
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We lead out of who we are.

My focus is on helping leaders and organisations change and grow. Supporting them in navigating complex change, and ‘wicked’ problems. I help leaders focus on what really matters to them – within themselves, in their teams, and across the wider business.

Every project begins by developing a good understanding of what each client wants and needs through diagnostic and inquiry work, and fact-finding. This may challenge your thinking about what’s needed – that’s part of my role – but it means we’re able to build a programme or work together that is exactly what your leaders require.  One that will bring deep learning, new insight and clear ways forward. 

At every stage of a programme, I build in simple, innovative approaches to ensure that change will actually happen.  As well as face-to-face, I have been designing blended programme for a while now and know what good virtual design looks and feels like too. 

So phased programmes might include: input sessions and theory bursts, webinars and self managed learning,  action learning groups, coaching, collaborative projects, experiential activities and experiments. These approaches draw deeply on participants’ existing knowledge, but are also supported by robust models and frameworks.

And although I’m always practical, I strongly believe that leadership development works best with a sense of playfulness and creativity and so that’s reflected in how I work too. 

My work is informed by:

  • deep and far-reaching work inside organisations for many years
  • faculty and set advising on a MSc in People and OD for 8 years
  • running programmes on Advanced Facilitation and Consulting Skills
  • professional and personal development in Systemic Constellations, Shadow Work, somatic practices and more

I also run an open enrolment leadership programme.   Love in Organisations brings together my many years of designing and running powerful leadership programmes with my more recent work on love in leadership and in organisations. It’s bold, but explores some essential leadership questions for our times.

I’m also rethinking what I mean when I talk about leadership and you can see where my thinking is starting to take me in this blog exploring ‘eldership’.



Below are some examples of leadership development projects and for more please click here.

A series of powerful workshops for the Top 300 Directors of this global brand.  Using poetry, voice dialogue and ritual, as well as more familiar ways of working, this programme has really brought inspiration and energy to this population and they are hungry for more. 
A year long programme for 100 High Potential Mangers to help them accelerate their careers and get ready for leading in a complex world.  We integrated face to face modules with experiential learning, leadership experiments, peer feedback, coaching groups and mentoring and make great use of their peer support network.
This 10 month programme for high potential managers ran for 3 years and went from strength to strength.  Face to face modules were supported by action learning sets, strategic research projects and coaching.  Participants were regularly promoted because of their increased confidence  and organisational know-how and the strong cross-organisational relationships they built.
Now in its 3rd year, this 3 month Modern Leadership programme gives people an injection of new thinking to help them prepare for their next challenge.  We begin with a one day Kick-Off event together then 21 participants work in virtual coaching groups, meeting virtually every two weeks.  As well as a chance to learn new leadership content, they use these to support and challenge each other on what they’re putting into practice. 
Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of these case studies and results in more detail, or you would like to explore ways in which leadership development might work for you.

Leading from Love

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