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Occasional workshops

As well as my work engaged directly with client organisations, I also run some Open Enrolment programmes (which can also be run as in-house programmes, of course).

These include:

A one day workshop using the very contemporary Systems Mapping and Constellations framework and approach to complex problems solving in organisations.  A really practical and enlivening workshop using an approach that generally takes people by surprise!  You can learn more here.

Another explores Love in Leadership.  Based around my published 2018 research and ongoing exploration, we look at what we mean by love in a work context, what might be possible if there was more love in the way we lead, and why love is such a problematic idea for the workplace.  You can learn more here.

I also run regular(ish) short – and free –  events exploring how we can cultivate more love between people.  For more info on these plus dates (somewhat ad hoc) keep an eye on things via my Newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Finally What Matters Most, looking at exactly that – uncovering what matters to us most in life, exploring how that can act as a direction for us in our careers, in our acts of leadership, our purpose in a world on fire, and beyond.  You can learn more here.


Leading from Love

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