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The case against love

12 Apr 2019, Posted by Helena Clayton in Work as Love in Action

As you might know, I’m advocating for love in leadership. And I’m taking a stand for using the word love, and not empathy or compassion, say. In doing that, I also need to be alive to the ways that this is difficult or problematic because…

March: 3 Good Things

31 Mar 2019, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

This has been a full on month, work-wise, that’s also included a 5 day ‘sabbatical’ in a cottage in Frome. The plan was to do some writing on my Leading from Love research project (which I did) but it was also a joy to get…

February: 3 Good Things

03 Mar 2019, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

A busy February, work-wise. And from the edges of the corporate world, three things you might find interesting … 1. Schumacher College + Satish Kumar = Love You know that I’m researching and writing about love in our organisations? I’m interested to explore how we…

January: 3 Good Things

03 Feb 2019, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

This month, it’s been about #creative #inspiration, the importance of the #physical #space you work in and my first #crowdfunding venture. In one way or another, I like to review the past year and look ahead to the next one. This year, working with my…

Leadership and Love

16 Jan 2019, Posted by Helena Clayton in Work as Love in Action

What role does love play in leadership? If love were at the heart of how we led, what might be possible? And what does ‘leading with love’ mean in practice? At the end of 2018, based on research conducted over the summer, I ran a…

December: 3 Good Things

31 Dec 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Each month, three things that have inspired or interested me as I go about my life and work. I hope you like them too … 1. A nomadic mindset How can the mindset and actions of nomadic peoples across the world serve us well as…

November: 3 Good Things

09 Dec 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

A monthly post of interesting things from my work over the last four weeks. Let me know if you want to know more about any of these … 1. Taboos One highlight took barely a moment, but felt seismic. Running a module of a senior…

Where have our feelings gone?

17 Nov 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog, Work as Love in Action

Two stories.  I was running a session as part of leadership programme for high potential leaders in a global organisation. We’d got to the bit where we use FIRO-B, a psychometric tool that explores our relationship with our need for control, for closeness in our relationships and…

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