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Poems for Tough Times

03 Feb 2024, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized

So on Monday 29 January, Tom Hirons and I ran a poetry workshop, reading and discussing 6 poems that we felt said something important and relevant for these tricky times we’re living through. We started with two poems that said something about the importance of…

Acts of Love for Tough Times

04 Nov 2023, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized

When the world is on fire, how might we gather together to talk about how we feel and explore the ways that different forms of love – whether joy, anger and activism, grief or compassion – might support us. New workshop dates below… No need for…

Tight and loose

16 Mar 2022, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized

Years ago, as part of a mindfulness training, the wonderful meditation teacher Ed Halliwell, drew a line on a page. TIGHT and one end. LOOSE at the other. How do you live your life? he asked. But he had barely started writing when I was…

Getting into the balcony

16 Mar 2022, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog, Uncategorized

Some recent posts have been on the theme of detachment, and this continues that theme. I’m reminding myself here of the practices I use that help me keep a bigger perspective. Heifetz talked about the importance of leaving the dance floor and heading up to…

What Matters Most

07 Feb 2022, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized

What Matters Most: a new coaching programme Are you in touch with what matters most to you? Currently, I’m hearing from many people who feel they’re: • living their lives according to other people’s ‘shoulds’ • putting aside what matters to them in order to…

This is mine. This is not mine.

31 Oct 2021, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized

I hear this from a lot people: If I can only work out how to get on top of things and manage my time better, everything will be ok I can do some CBT for my anxiety and that will help me cope I don’t…

‘Deepened by diminishment’

05 Jul 2021, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized, Work as Love in Action

‘Deepened by diminishment’ That phrase has stuck with me ever since I wrote about eldership and its relationship with leadership. Accepting that as we age, our lives get inevitably smaller, ‘eldership’ pushes back hard against that.  Not in the sense of holding back the tide…

Love as allyship

06 Mar 2021, Posted by Helena Clayton in Uncategorized, Work as Love in Action

I wrote this post for International Women’s Day 2021, for Deeper Leaders, a group of colleagues advocating for a kinder, fairer and more sustainable world.  Not fee-earning, we simply look for ways where we can promote these values in ways that are practical and useful…

Love and joy

06 Dec 2020, Posted by Helena Clayton in Podcasts, Uncategorized

I don’t know about you, but these last 10 months have felt more like more hard work than delight.  More tight than loose.  More pressure than relaxation.  More laundry than ecstasy. When I talk with people in organisations the theme I get is about surviving-not-thriving…

Leading from Love

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