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February: 3 Good Things

06 Mar 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

In January, I started a monthly post called Three Good Things, as a way to share some of the wonderful stuff I come across in the course of my work. You can find January’s here. And here are three from February: I coach on a women’s leadership…

January: 3 Good Things

12 Feb 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Hello all I’m going to get into the habit of posting three good things from the month just gone, with a view to sharing a bit more about what I’m doing as well as what I’m loving and learning. This is January’s offering, then: This…

Blocks to love at work

07 Jan 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Work as Love in Action

Sometimes I am not as nice as I could be or would like to be. Not as kind or compassionate or loving. And I find this hard to handle as these are values that are core to me. Increasingly, I try to put love at the centre…

We’re in this together

03 Jan 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Over the last few years, something has come sharply into focus. So I’m a feminist. And much of my work in leadership development is with women – coaching on a women’s leadership programme, say, in support of getting more women’s voices heard within organisations and…

Disruptive Truth Telling

18 Sep 2017, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Avoiding nettles to get to the best blackberries, I had a short walk last week with friend and coaching colleague, Sue Gammons. She introduced me to the term ‘disruptive truth-telling’ and I realised that this is such a theme of my work. The International Coaching Federation…


22 Mar 2017, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

In 2008, I had a moment of arrogance. I was starting a six-month-long coaching training and the first module was on contracting. Huffing silently to myself, muttering quietly that I knew how to contract, I settled down and waited to pass the time until they got onto something more interesting. Yes. You’ve probably guessed…


09 Feb 2017, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Delighted and discombobulated. Sometimes not really knowing what I was looking at. Curious and confused. More questions than answers. Swept up by the richness and the complexity. All senses engaged. Enriched and enlarged as a result. Over Christmas, I spent a month in India. It’s as different as a couple of weeks in…

Seeing things differently

25 Jan 2017, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Sometimes, I’m very lucky. I get the chance to design and run leadership programmes which are truly bespoke and where the client is willing to try something different. Last week, with a great team (see below), I launched a programme on behalf of London Business School for senior Partners…

What might be possible?

04 Dec 2016, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Sometimes I’m asked by clients about what underpins my work, what approaches or beliefs my work is based on.  I might say things about the principles of self managed learning, or the importance of intentional practice.  Or about a humanistic philosophy. But often I find myself…

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