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February: 3 Good Things

06 Mar 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog
Helena Clayton - Leadership Development and Consultant
In January, I started a monthly post called Three Good Things, as a way to share some of the wonderful stuff I come across in the course of my work. You can find January’s here.

And here are three from February:

  1. I coach on a women’s leadership programme, called Top Flight, part of the Exec Pipeline suite of programmes. This year long programme helps women get to Board level roles – helping them get clear on their purpose and career aspirations, strengths and personal brand. It helps them find their voice and confidence in ways they might need to do get to there. It’s a fierce programme, and full of the most incredible speakers from business and politics, NGOs and start ups. I had my first sessions with the four women I’m working with and it was such a pleasure to get started with them. I have seen the power and confidence that comes from getting really clear on what you want – not what other people want for you, or what you feel you should want – but ‘what do I really want…?’ – that we can sometimes shy away from. I’m looking forward to our year together and to seeing what these women are capable of achieving – that they may not even realise themselves yet.
  2. Several years ago, I trained as a teacher of The Hoffman Process. It was the toughest 18 months I had possibly ever experienced (as the many friends who supported me will remember!). But it shone a light into corners of myself that I didn’t even know existed. Something else wonderful came from it. As a result of that work, I discovered Celebration of Being (COB) an extraordinary organisation doing some of the most leading edge personal growth work going. I have been both a participant and staff on their workshops for some years now, and February saw me staff one their men’s workshop, Noble Man, on the Isle of Wight. As ever, it was a joyous rollercoaster that took in snot and tears, love and connection, body, mind and spirit …the works . Cathartic and healing. My work with COB is probably one of the most important strands of my life, even though it may only be a handful of events each year. It helps me be braver in difficult conversations, more compassionate in the face of other people’s pain and more connected to what matters in the world – love and connection.
  3. And an amazing film. Human Flow, a documentary by Al WeiWei, looks at the plight of refugees across the world. Two and half hours of stunning visuals present an unrelenting and visceral set of vignettes which are awful to connect with, too gripping to pull away from and too important to try to. If you get the chance, go see.  For me, I left grateful that I had the good fortune to be born into the life that I have, and with a better understanding of one tiny slice of the world and its ways that I know nothing about.

I’ll be back with you in March. And you can find me on @HelenaClayton on Twitter in the meantime, if you feel so inclined 🙂

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