Helena Clayton | January: 3 Good Things


January: 3 Good Things

12 Feb 2018, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

Hello all

I’m going to get into the habit of posting three good things from the month just gone, with a view to sharing a bit more about what I’m doing as well as what I’m loving and learning. This is January’s offering, then:

  1. This month saw the Closing Day of MSc 24, the most recent cohort to graduate from the MSc in People at Organisational Development at Roffey Park. Not only chock full of head-learning, as you’d expect but, as this programme is run on the principles of self managed learning, it’s also massively deep in terms of personal stretch and growth beyond the cognitive. In the second year, participants determine their own syllabus which means the learning is completely bespoke. And it’s also characterised by the fact that they assess each others work which takes both radical candour, emotional intelligence and compassion. If you don’t have those things to start with, you certainly do develop them! I have been lucky enough to be a set advisor on this programme for the last 4 years and it’s by far and away some of the most rewarding and stimulating – and demanding – work that I do. Check it out, if you feeling like you need to find your growth edge…
  2. I also work with London Business School and, as part of a programme I’m designing there for a new high potential programme I was recently introduced to Point Positive. A 360, but with a (few) difference(s), it comes from the work of Professor Dan Cable. First, it’s based on positive psychology and is strengths based. Secondly, your respondents are drawn from friends and family as well as work colleagues. Plus, there are no tick boxes – rather your respondents write three stories about when they have experienced you at your best. Let’s just say that when I read my report, I cried, I was so moved. I felt deeply seen, appreciated and loved. So I’m looking forward to using this tool for coaching, team building and more and picking up Dan Cable’s new book, Alive, when it’s out later next month.
  3. This third one is trickier. I am only part way through reading Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life:An Antidote to Chaos and, while there’s some great stuff in it, I’m also finding some of what he writes problematic (maybe more on this in a later post) and so I don’t know that I’m necessarily recommending this book yet. But I am recommending him as a thinker and this is the film that introduced me to his thinking. Yes, it’s made by someone who works with him and therefore may not be so objective. But I found I didn’t mind that as it’s a good distillation of his many, many hours of YouTube material. A Canadian academic, psychologist and philosopher, I find his thinking is exciting and bold. I’d love to know what you think of his stuff – I’m still working out my own response.

Bye for now and I’ll be back with another 3 Good Things at the end of February.

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