Helena Clayton | When coaching goals no longer matter



When coaching goals no longer matter

22 Feb 2016, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

You know that achieving the coaching goals you set don’t really matter, when:

  • a question stops your client in her tracks to the extent that she can’t speak and her eyes can’t leave yours as she’s gripped by the possibilities in the answer
  • you have one of your sessions walking in Regents Park and he finds the perfect metaphor for his leadership in the one of the statues that you walk past
  • your client cries because he’s just said something out loud that he’s never said to anyone – even himself – until now and he knows the truth of it
  • all she needed was space, to breathe and to be. Nothing else. No agenda.
  • what you offer is appreciation, valuing and recognition and you see that’s like giving water to a very thirsty plant
  • your client says ‘thank you: no-one has ever said that to me before’
  • your client feels seen. Truly seen. By you.

Are you looking in the right place for what makes your coaching truly matter?


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