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Bringing what’s different

01 Mar 2016, Posted by Helena Clayton in Monthly Blog

In OD or coaching, there’s often a call for us to bring something into the system that’s missing. We need to notice what’s not there and sometimes be that something. To be the difference that makes the difference.

Which got me wondering about my own practice in this and:

• how this requires me to really tune in to my client, listen intuitively, with all of me so that I can develop a sense of what might be missing or underplayed. Using images or metaphors that come up for me, listening acutely to specific words or seeing what sensations arise in my body all help me feel into this

• it often requires bravery and courage for me to be different, to risk not being the same, to take an opposing position, to speak what isn’t being spoken. Sometimes I feel vulnerable. Sometimes I am fearful.

• the Perceived Weirdness Index reminds me to be different but not too different. Once a client found me too quirky and that was a painful conversation. How can I judge that?

• the extent to which I allowed myself to be different in my wider life? Do I know where my edges are and what sets me apart? Do I camouflage those, or live them loud and proud? And do I bring those edges into my coaching or consulting practice?

• how I actively explore what might be missing in my system – in my life, or in my practice. What never gets expressed or explored?

• and how I might proactively develop my ability to bring a fresh perspective to clients by, say, travelling to new cultures or reading outside of my field. Or consciously experimenting with new ways of being. And seeking out people who are different from me to spend time with?

That’s what I’m wondering about bringing difference. What about you?



  • Simon Seligman

    Hello Helena
    We met on a Shadow work weekend with Nicola and John Kurk last year. Nice to see you in all your professional glory; I admire very much the way you talk about your work on your website. As a still relatively new Life Coach, just completing my certification with CTI, I am busy ingesting wisdom from as many coaches as I can, and really enjoying you blog, and this entry particularly chimed for me, and has given me a lot of valuable food for thought. So thank you, and nice to remake a connection over the ether. Simon


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