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In the two decades I’ve spent as a coach and facilitator in leadership development, helping people and organisations grow, one truth has remained consistent: if the leadership doesn’t get it, then no-one else will.

That’s why I work with leaders of all levels, styles and specialisms to help them grow and change in the areas that really matter.

• Would you welcome a coach or ‘critical friend’ to support you as a leader?  Maybe with a leadership transition? Or maybe you’d like to progress to the next level but don’t know how? Or are wanting to find new ways of working?

• Would you like your team to work more effectively together, be better than it currently is? Would you like the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts? For there to be more honest communication, or greater collaboration?

• Or maybe you want to shift the culture of your leadership population and develop a particular strength in that group to move the organisation on?

Whether it’s coaching, team or leadership development, I can help you wake up to what matters – within yourself, your team, and across the wider business – and support you in making the change that’s needed.

My clients are as diverse as Jaguar Land RoverCapita, the Civil Service and Sovereign Housing. My work balances a solid psychological underpinning to address personal change with high-level systems thinking to ensure that my clients flourish within the bigger picture of their teams, organisations and lives. And a strong focus on behavioural practices to create and embed change.

If you’d like some support on your own journey, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. Or sign up below for my Blog updates and keep in touch that way.


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Creating real and lasting change can sometimes be difficult.


It requires deep personal commitment, daily effort to build new habits and an ability to navigate complex environments. These things can feel daunting, especially when you’re already juggling lots of responsibilities. But with the right support, they release untold energy, an ease in your self and your team’s style, new possibilities, and a clear path towards success.

Over the past two decades working with CEOs, Boards and leaders from organisations of all sizes and sectors, these things feel true about leadership:

Leadership is about relationships. Much of my work involves helping leaders develop the ability to have good conversations with their teams and peers: conversations that are positive, productive and have the ability to influence change.

Leaders are people, not job roles. Lasting change addresses the whole person: your hopes and anxieties, strengths and gaps, values and beliefs, history and dreams. Great development transforms your deepest self, not just the title on your business card, so authenticity, intimacy and personal chemistry are key.

So there are some core principles that underpin my work:

One size doesn’t fit all. I tailor each project to each client, investing time up front to understand your goals and co-create a plan that we both feel completely confident in. It’s the principle of ‘go slow to go fast’.
I don’t take things at face value. I ask lots (and lots!) of questions, exploring what’s not being said and what’s going on beneath the surface. Listening closely and feeding back what I hear reveals unexpected perspectives and possibilities.

I am always compassionate. I may challenge, but I am never negative, and I remain deeply understanding of the difficulties involved in change. I build on what my clients already do well, support them practically and emotionally as they move towards new ways of being and help them to find the same sense of compassion in their own leadership.

Knowledge has to translate into action. I love theory, and I draw on the latest science, research and thinking. But for me, all learning must have a practical application. I always ask ‘So what? How will this knowledge make an impact?’

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